March 21, 2011



Anonymous said...

that was a really weird vido because i did not know what it
was evan about but i guess
it was kinda a little cool vido

Win said...

I like this.

aprican said...

i like this, i see the symbolism of it all too. the black guy is utterly ignored by people living a mundane lifestyle and/or living out their daily ritual. this connects to black youth culture in a sense that it is ignored by the surrounding community but thrives in the artist performing. he is smiling, he is laughing, he is dancing. they are frowning, they are distracted, they are unaware, and they are distant. it all makes sense!

that and the beat is of the utmost dopeness.

Anonymous said...

Aprican, you didn't understand shit... Sorry mate.

Clearly, the black guy represents a song. Let's see why I'm saying this.

He wakes up, his creators giving him breakfast, and teaching him how to dance (developing the song).

Then, they show the kid's moves to an old guy with a skeptical expression in his face. Thats right: a record company.

When the little black guy gets an "OK", he goes to the streets killing it with his awesome skills.

But wherever he dances, his song is being played (girl with headphones, a supermarket, a guy cleaning his car, someone jogging, having a bath, that girl modelling...) Shit, even the song's sound is distorted deppending to the place.

And then, he comes back to his home and his creators give him a cool suit: the song has been a total success, and he climbs to a next level.

Nobody gives a fuck about that black guy... because nobody sees it. When the music stops, the kid vanishes, as you can see in the last 20 seconds of the video.

Nothing racial. Just music. MUSIC.