June 21, 2009


Zero 7 is workin on a new album entitled "Yeah ghost". It is sneak peak track + promotional remix time.

Zero 7 - Everything Up (Zizou)
Zero 7 - Everything Up (Zizou) (Gold Panda Remix)

Bonus. (Old tracks)

Zero 7 - Red Dust
Zero 7 - Home
NERD - Provider (Zero 7 Remix)


MixMasterAngel said...

zero7 new album preview?!? awesome!

emiko said...

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Not.Right.n0w. said...

"Home" is legendary.

Tymen said...

Hey akutou, Something's wrong with the provider remix, both VLC and Itunes won't play it :s

AKUTOU said...

Tyman, I dont know, my VLC wont play it but I use winamp and it works fine

Tymen said...

I fixed it with Formatting to mp3 with formatfactory works great. Love the remix, I went to N*E*R*D last week, It was awsome :D

keep up the posts!
big up to my favourite blog:)