June 9, 2009


That is correct, y'all 80s disco mafioso wannabes, I offer you a one way ticket to the paradise of coke & sun known as Vice City. How important was the music in Vice? Basically giving life to the city itself. Sweet moves at the Malibu club, "no way to controool iiit" or banging tunes on the radio of your freshly stolen sport cars. Between all the music the city kept broadcasting on its various radios, you must remember FLASH FM, right?

Ever wonder what happened there since you left Vice back in 1986? No? Well neither do I, but I was curious when Teki (Flash FM's new host) sent me this soundtrack! It's now 1989, 3 years have passed since your epic adventures with porn star Candy Suxxx & partner in crime Lance Vance. Does Flash still got it? Is the charm still workin its magic? Well, dont take my word for it, be the judge and see for yourself!

Boys Meet Girls - Waiting For A Star To Fall
Futurecop! - Starworshipper
The Go-Go's - Head Over Heals
Pamala Stanley - Coming Out Of Hiding
Ghosthustler - Someone Elses Ride
Michael Jackson - Smooth Criminal
Olivia Newton-John - Twist Of Fate
Cindy Lauper - Girls Just Want To Have Fun
The Tubes - She's A Beauty
Miami Horror - Don't Be on With Her
Madonna - Lucky Star
Amy Holland - Turn Out The Light
Mötley Crüe - Kickstart My Heart
Lets Get Invisible - The Jump Back
Kenny Loggins - I'm Free (Franklean Remix)
Power Station - Some Like It Hot

As you can see, only a few tracks are available through direct download. Why? Because I highly recommend you to download the whole thing instead of picking a few songs randomly. That's the best way to enjoy the playlist. The zip file also includes a huge ass Full HD wallpaper for your PC or PS3.

Flash FM 1989 FULL DOWNLOAD (26 tracks)
Flash FM 1989 (one shot version) (same but one big single mp3 file)

This is a gift for all the Vice City fans, GTA fans and 80s cheesy/meaningful tunes lovers. Add Flash FM to your friends if you wanna be cool.

BO-BO-BO-BONUS TRRRRACKS! (heard on Flash FM in 1986)

Hall & Oates - Out of Touch
Wang Chung - Dance Hall Days

Easy on the coke kids, Love. <3


TNUC said...

this mix is perfection

right up my alley

Tijmen said...

Love it, just when i'm in the right 80's mood you post this :D

apparentfuckingly said...

Summer is always a good time to get back to basics...so once again, thanks. Actually, some of your best mixes meld the new and old music seamlessly.

Party hard, I know I will.

Tibo said...


Dani The Don said...

I typed "awesomeness music" on google, this blog was the 1st result, haha. Cheers from Spain.

ellize said...

oh snap


Anonymous said...

I've been looking all over for this!


Anonymous said...

Hey i am suuper boy