June 28, 2009


You into skate videos? I love skate videos. It has everything: cool people with mad skills, kick ass songs, dynamic video editing. I used to worship them so much. I still have a lot of respect today when I think about skaters like Andrew Reynolds or Marc Johnson. These guys inspired me.

Andrew Reynolds - Birdhouse "The End" (youtube link)
2nd song: Portishead - Undenied

Marc Johnson - Girl "Yeah Right!" (youtube link)

Geoff Rowley - Flip "Sorry" (youtube link)

Nike cooked a brand new skate vid for you, it's called DEBACLE, and you can watch it online or even download the whole thing for free. The HD version is available on their site, just follow the link.

Nike DEBACLE. video (720p)


catel said...

you're so damn right even if eighty percents of them are arrogant assholes with poor style, the ones you talk about are freakin awesome
Marc Johnson so much smoothness and originality
Mr Reynolds this man is printed in my mind he is the shit
bye bye akutou and thx for the good sound \o/

Shin said...

j'ai dl la vid chez nike elle est cool x] merci ^^

Nightbirdsevolve said...

Vrai. L'une de mes video de skate preferee restera pour moi "transworld anthology"

La bande son, les decoupage des scenes, les skaters de lepoque,ca fait remonter pas mal de souvenirs

Part 1 - pour l'intro
Part 2 - Pour la beauté du morceau "bowery electric - fear of flying"

J said...

That and snow boarding rail jams :)

Seb said...

Marc johnson has been such a revolutionary skater since he was like 19, His part in lakai fully flared was unbelievable, got even more respect for 'Hey Kids' now haha