June 18, 2009


There it is, the next song that's gonna be playing on repeat in my playlist. Introducing Cavaliers of Fun, Secret Galaxies has to be the best feel-good song I've encounter these past monthes. A bit like Empire of The Sun's "Walking on a Dream", except it's a little more smooth and the New Order fan in me really appreciate that. Loveliness.

Remember when The Teenagers were all over the place? If you feel nostalgic and miss them, I got a good news. Cavaliers of Fun, on top of knowing secrets about space, can travel though time and make The Teenagers your favorite band agaon with this super sweet remix.

Cavaliers of Fun - Secret Galaxies
The Teenagers - Feeling Better (Cavaliers of Fun Remix)

Secret galaxiiies! <3


kid disco said...

Me likes it a lot!!!

Mr. Philippe said...

You couldn't be more right, caps lock indeed!

Pixxxhell said...

So good...