October 28, 2008


EVAN PATRICK is from Brooklyn. He puts movie samples over his tracks. Yeah, à la MF DOOM. I think you call it skits? Anyway, I dig.

Evan Patrick - Julien


Evan Patrick - Collins


BONUS: MF DOOM tracks released under the alias King Geedorah. King Geedorah is a space monster.

King Geedorah - Fazers
(not a skit but the beat is just too awesome i cant resist)

King Geedorah - Monster Zero


King Geedorah - Take Me To Your Leader



tang said...

Hip Hip Hurray

HeadUp said...

What movie did those Julien soundbytes come from? What a catchy tune...

AKUTOU said...

that i have no idea. he might tell you if you ask him on myspace maybe?

HeadUp said...

it sounds sooo familiar haha