July 11, 2008


Heard about Minitel Rose? They're on the new and getting bigger french label Valerie with all the cool kids MAETHELVIN, ANORAAK, COLLEGE, RUSS CHIMES, THE OUTRUNNERS... They recently released their first EP "The French Machine", and it's good. It has been featured on the Playstation Network. So if you've been downloading random videos there, then you might have heard the song "Continue".

Minitel Rose - Elevator

Minitel Rose - Continue

Here is the interview. It's in French. Oui, en français mesdames et messieurs. And there is also a little music video for their song "Continue". Enjoy the frenchiness!

It might be a good idea to visit Valerie's official blog (and bookmark it). They recently post new stuff from Anoraak and College! More Minitel Rose tracks right here!


N.E.P.O. said...

Lol! Hell yeah i've heard of Minitel Rose! They're so wicked!! Love the interview, they were featured on the playstation network, lol! would never had guessed!!

timic said...

nice tracks man! Hey i see you're doing great with your blog, looks all damn nice! What about adding us to your blogroll :)

keep it up, cheers

AKUTOU said...

oh yeah sure! :)

Gabriel said...

Wow, I hadn't heard of Minitel Rose before reading your blog! Amazing tunes! Thank god that Akutou loves us.