July 30, 2008


I dont have internet at the moment. I cant check my emails. I cant work. I cant read my favorite blogs. I cant download movies. I cant communicate with my friends around the globe. I cant accept friend requests. I cant blog hot tracks. I cant play GTA online. No internet sucks. But right now I have the opportunity to make one post. :)

Haze. I listen to this gem on repeat. The music literally takes you to a space odyssey. Just listen to it, masterpiece I say. Get in your spaceships and press play to go conquer the universe.

Alan Braxe - Haze


Where is Justice hiding? Well it's good that they're hiding a bit. We've seen them everyday everywhere last year. As long as they drop fresh new tracks like this every now and then, they can hide as they want. Fine with me.

Justice - Sure You Will


No internets.. but I had the time to steal those tracks from The Twelves' myspace. They're myspace rips but that's all I've found. Anyway it's good enough till we get higher quality versions.

Black Kids - Hurricane Jane (The Twelves Remix) (96kbps)
Zeigeist - Humanitarianism (The Twelves Remix) (96kbps)

I probably wont post for 2 or 3 weeks. Have some good times kids!


RA - ElectrikSuicide.com said...

haha yeah hope you the net back soon.. but justice doesnt seem to be hiding they did a mix for dior homme.. and its awesome made me like justice again.. its up on my blog =)

Anonymous said...

Sure you will isn't a new Justice track, it's an early Justice track. I've had that track since before the cross album came out.

Just wanted to note that to you.

Thanks for having one of the most awesome blogs on the internet :3

AKUTOU said...

hey Ron sweet ima go get it thanks :D

and anonymous: oh ok good to know, i never heard about the track before, i thought they released it like a month ago or somethin.. thanks for the heads up!

PS to all readers: i'm off to portugal for 2 weeks. i leave tomorrow and i'm broke already! :D

N.E.P.O. said...

yo, good luck in portugal. don't get you kindeys stolen. when you get internets back you gotta check out the buffetlibredjs.net REWIND project, gots some really cool '80s covers that you'd probably really like.

HeadUp said...

alan braxe track is amazing....im floating through the galaxy haha

enora said...

L'intro du morceau de Justice me fait trop penser à Question d'équilibre, un vieux truc de... Francis Cabrel. Haha hmm... elle était cool cette chanson après tout.