June 11, 2008


Some pretty drawings inside this "Black & White Freedrawings" book. It's a collaborative effort showcasing the talent of 40 international artists such as Hello Brute, Jawa & Skaffa. Quoting Freedrawings' website "These collaborations are called "freedrawings" to highlight the lack of restrictions, themes and guidelines. At the same time these drawings are not a preliminary sketch, but the final artwork."

The book is 132 pages, with 160 illustrations and over 100 photos. You can purchase yours on their website here. Yummy!

This post would not be complete without a cute track. Remember the Breakbot Sweet Sensation Remix? Well this is the original, different, probably not as magic but still a cutie. :D

ALB - Sweet Sensation


Dave said...

These are terrific! Thanks man!

amory said...

Moi perso j'prefère celle-ci, après si tu la trouves sans parole t'es le roi du pétrole loulou!

sofie said...

a cutie indeed :)

Bert said...

Freedrawings is booom, really nice. maby gonna buy it soon!

grtz from belgium.