June 26, 2008


There is a new album of David Bowie covers. It's called Life Beyond Mars. the mini site is nice and you can preview the songs. My favorite is the Au Revoir Simone cover. :)

Au Revoir Simone - Oh! You Pretty Things (Bowie Cover)

I also like this other cover by The Sea and Cake which is not in the new album. I remember it from Andrew Reynold's 2nd part in the Emerica video. He was my hero when I was skating.

The Sea and Cake - Sound and Vision (Bowie Cover)


RA said...

The sea & cakeeeee... great cover, and i also first heard it in reynolds video part lol

chriskalani said...

dude I like it

AKUTOU said...

yep best sea and cake song for me.

N.E.P.O. said...

lol, you love au revoir simone don't you man!

la_k said...

i love the sea and cake!

can i tag you on my blog: http://lastee.blogspot.com ?


AKUTOU said...

of course, why would i say no? :)

Cheivor said...

Nice songs akutou, i always check your blog but this time 1 need to comment you. Nice song, nice wallpaper also.

musicisart said...

recently created a feature with au revoir semone on musicisart.

love them!

p.s. beautiful site, btw!

Gen said...

wow i agree.. is the best the sea and cake song.. my favorite was beautiful bastard.. but this one is better