April 26, 2008


Hello kids, I'm proud to present you the official first RAC EP "Nintendo VS SEGA". It's a video game revival involving some Super Mario, Zelda and Sonic classics tunes revisited by The Remix Artist Collective. I made the super artwork by the way. Download it and share it with everyone! Enjoy! :D

RAC - Super Mario Bros (RAC Mix)

RAC - Sonic: Labyrinth Zone 5 (RAC Maury Mix)

RAC - A Link To The Past (RAC Mix)

RAC - Sonic: Spring Yard Zone (RAC Maury Mix)

You can get the whole stuff in a zip HERE if you need. Oh and you can digg it too maybe.


Julie said...

I digg the artwork and the whole concept :D

amory said...

Bine joué pour l'artwork, il envoie le bambou !

donnie said...

Aie le son de super mario bros est ultime, on a l'impression que mario est sous stéroïde. La pochette va bien avec le concept et est tout simplement stylé.
Mamma mia

Anonymous said...

Awesome artwork and mixes. Most deff goes on my 5 star play list and I hope theres more to come. Love the Nintendo VS Sega concept but I think Nintendo has won this tussle ;)

Anonymous said...

Delicious sounds! I love it love it love it!

Riku said...

Love the artwork and LOVE the music! Great video game flava. Excellent work!