March 23, 2008


It's here.

Cut Copy is back with their new album IN GHOST COLOURS. If you liked Hearts On Fire, So Haunted and the more recent Lights and Music, guess what? There is more to like on the album! Their sound is so damn good. The guys definitely knows what they're doing.

Cut Copy - Feel The Love

Cut Copy - Far Away

In addition to the 2 new tracks from the new album, check out the rare "Stars" plus some must-possess songs of Cut Copy remixing The Presets and Van She.

Cut Copy - Stars

The Presets - Girl And The Sea (Cut Copy Remix)

Van She - Kelly (Cut Copy Mix)

Have fun kids! This is all good! And ask mum & dad some cash to buy In Ghost Colours. I think it's safe to say it's gonna be one of the best 2008 albums. Geez we're in 2008!? This is the future really..


sofie said...

on peut l'acheter en europe aussi?

AKUTOU said...

Selon la le site de la FNAC il sort en Avril 2008. Sinon on peut commander sur ce site pour 26€ frais de port inclus.

Julie said...

chouette avatar :D

Je viens de me le procurer, faut que j'écoute ça! Jusque là je ne connaissais que Bright Like Neon Love d'eux.

sofie said...

ah ok merci! ^^

billy white said...

I arrived upon this post very late but I thank you!!

Anonymous said...

hmmm lovely album ,-)