February 12, 2008


DANGER! Check Danger on myspace. Make sure to see the awesome animated gifs in his pictures while you're at it. I dont know if these are samples of an upcoming music video but its highly possible. That's gonna be a hot one. I'm already in love with the mystico-darko-mysterious universe of his page.

Danger - 11h30

auto - trak95

Erlend Oye - Sudden Rush (The Twelves Remix)

I love The Twelves. They made another new remix... of Yelle. But as I hate this bitch I wont post it, you can download it yourselves on their myspace page. So I posted this older one instead.


Chri Chri d'Amour said...

Danger indeed...of epileptic seizures! :-L

AKUTOU said...

nothing wrong with a good old epileptic seizure :) lol

prynes said...

i love danger's music and the gifs remind me of the movie "predator" with schwarzenegger