January 28, 2008


Yo people! I'm selling posters now. Just visit the SHOP of my website. I ordered the Taxi Driver one and it looks really great. The colors are perfect, they actually look better than in the picture above. The posters are available in A2 size (that's the one I have in my sexy hands), A1 (2 times A2) and A0 (4 times A2, perfect for tyrannosaurus living rooms). Go get one, offer it to your girlfriends & grandmas, hang it on your tshirt store walls, eat them I don't know but just get some.

I accept credit cards & Paypal. Shipping internationally. Buy one please! :)

I joined a skateboard design contest a week ago or so, the theme I picked is AIR JORDAN. I always thought it'd be cool to have something printed on a skate deck. If you wanna help me win, go HERE register (takes a few seconds) and gimme a nice score (that would be 5 lol). There is only a few hours left for the scoring so move your ass!

One more thing, I'd like to thanks all the blogs and websites that talked about me and my art lately. Really apreciate the support guys!

Oh boy! Let's add to that a new remix by The Twelves...

Thieves Like Us - Drugs in My Body (The Twelves Remix)

Woah, life is awesome! Now excuse me, I'll have my breakfast. :D


Anonymous said...

i registered and gave your design a 5

AKUTOU said...

thank you anonymous :)

Anonymous said...

haha couldnt be bothered to put my info in

im the guy who emailed you about vector help a while back, do you know ra's paypal address? cause he isnt replying to my mail