January 18, 2008


Back into Hip-Hop for a few days. With the coolest bum ever, Mr. Clutchy Hopkins. The man's a mystery, quoting his LastFM bio "No one truly knows the identity of Clutchy, who is reported to live in a cave in the Mohave dessert somewhere". Go for it Clutchy! The guy somehow managed to collab with MF DOOM. The beat in "Air" is pure genious, sounds like a drunk bum walking in the streets. You can also check a cool video HERE for the instantly-addicting "3:02".

Clutchy Hopkins - 3.02

MF Doom Meets Clutchy Hopkins - My Favorite Ladies (track 2)

MF Doom Meets Clutchy Hopkins - Air (track 6)

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Jerry K. said...

Yeah dude, Clutchy's shit is DOPE and his back-story is just crazy. There's more to this "Mohave desert" story than meets the eye. I started a blog to collect information on Clutchy and discuss his true identity...if you've got any clues, hit me up at clutchyhopkins.blogspot.com. Word!