August 29, 2007


Alrights! I'm going to Japan tomorrow! I will stay there for a month. 2 weeks in Kyoto, then 2 weeks in Tokyo. What will I do there? Hmm.. let's see =D I'm gonna visit the Lost in Translation hotel, try all kind of food, get me some SHIATSU MASSAGE :drool: I will also go to the Tokyo Game Show as a VIP, I've heard it's super easy to trick them, you just gotta show whatever ID card and speak whatever language but not japanese and they let you pass lol

I'm gonna buy stuff too, a DS and a mp3 player for my bro cause it's cheaper there, maybe stuff for my computer, headphones, maybe some tees and clothes.. Anyone knows some good places to go? I have a JR Pass, it allows me to travel all over the country, subway, bus, train.. so I pretty much can go everywhere. I know I'm gonna go to an amusement park too. I'm gonna make tons of photos. It's the 1st time I will be that far of my home, this is exciting woohoo.

I fear a bit the fact that I won't be able to talk much with people. My english is good, but dunno about Japanese' english lol I guess the other solution will be primitive hands language. Seems fun lol. I will probably be online sometimes cause there's like cybercafes everywhere there. Oh and yeah, I'm gonna try the electronic toilets, the ones that wash your ass for you when you're done craping. Fantastico.

My super recent design ELECTIGRE is available as a shirt in the shop of my site. As well as the text tee for uninteresting persons who want to be at least cool. New music playlist on my site soon and I updated the akutouspace cause it was a bit too empty. Feel free to visit and compliment me lol

I have to sell like 600 tees to pay the whole trip. Go for it! :nod: I'm gonna be so broke when I'm back in France. Ahoy! hooray poorness :ahoy:

August 22, 2007


Between all the bands I discovered these past monthes, Does It Offend You, Yeah? has to be my favorite. Seriously, they fuckin rock. Up there it's their last official video for the single Let's Make Out. I higly recommend everyone to check their other tracks (and why not videos too). Click here and scroll down to see all DIOYY related stuff on the blog.

Does It Offend You, Yeah? - Let's Make Out DOWNLOAD

Does It Offend You, Yeah? - Doomed Now DOWNLOAD

August 21, 2007


I'm really into Calvin Harris's Merrymaking At My Place song right now. That reminds me I had a big crush on his All Saints remix he did a while ago, thought I should share it with you.

Groove Armada - Get Down (Calvin Harris Remix) DOWNLOAD

All Saints - Rock Steady (Calvin Harris Remix) DOWNLOAD

August 20, 2007


New remix from Chewy Chocolate Cookies. This time they recook some Simian Mobile Disco stuff.

Simian Mobile Disco - Hotdog (Chewy Chocolate Cookies Remix) DOWNLOAD

August 19, 2007


The Midnight Juggernauts debut album was released while I was in vacation. Seems good so far but I need to listen more. Shadows still amazes me. Into The Galaxy and Road To Recovery both rock as well. Here's one non-album track, I dig, and one other random remix.

Midnight Juggernauts - Fire Below DOWNLOAD

Kim - Wet N Wild (Midnight Juggernauts Remix) DOWNLOAD

August 18, 2007


I'm back from space. Damn I missed a lot of mp3 blog posts lol (2 weeks!). I had a great time in the South, chilling, going to the beach and dancing to crappy tunes in redneck clubs. Thanks to people who already bought some of my shirts btw, hope you like them. :D

Now watch this lil trailer for a skate video RA909 is currently editing.


And for those lookin for the music:

Cut Copy - Going Nowhere (Digitalism Remix) DOWNLOAD

August 1, 2007


Hello Hello Folks, my shop is now open and fully working! I already had my 1st customer YAY! Click T-SHIRTS on the menu of my site to see the shop. All the Paypal links work but if you prefer, you can also contact me directly, just send a mail. I'd be glad to hear directly from you!

Oh and if you have a blog, It'd be fantastico if you'd talk about my shirts on it! :) This shirt thing is kinda new to me and I really could use some exposure. Thank you!