December 31, 2007


Alright kiddos, hope you had some nice Xmas presents and everything! Time for the last post of the year. Remember that Tokyo Police Club remix in the previous post? Yeah, the RAC one. I've been working for these cool cats, so here's more remixes from them thanks to The Remix Artist Collective you should go check yourself. Don't forget to add RAC on myspace as well.

Here is some of my fav tracks! Oh and Happy New Year!

Ra Ra Riot - Each Year (RAC Mix)

Dragonette - Take It Like A Man (RAC Dance Edit)

You Say Party! We Say Die! - Monster (RAC Mix)

The Shins - Sleeping Lessons (RAC Mix)

You can also get whole stuff by clicking HERE. 5 tracks total, including the Tokyo Police Club remix!

1 comment:

sofie said...

nice ep cover!
i like the You Say Party!We Say Die! remix a lot :)