October 18, 2007


Well it's been 2 weeks now that I'm back from my one month trip to Japan. My room is full of stuff, I mean more than usual. I had a great time there and I hope I will go again next year. The time zone has no effect on me by the way, I'm not using time zone lol.

OK so where can I start? Japan is SUPERNEATO. I now more than ever realize how much my city fucking sucks.

TO SEE THE PICS OF MY TRIP: Select AKUTOU LOVES JAPAN! in the menu of my website. Don't miss the "ASS CLEANER" button.


They seem way happier than French people. They smile at you and welcome you anytime you enter a shop or a restaurant. But they dont do it because it's their job but because they have been educated like this. It's sincere. They apologize a lot too. One time I entered a shoes shop, all the staff in the shop welcomed me and my friend so much, screaming "WELCOME TO OUR SHOP" "THANKS FOR ENTERING THIS SHOP" stuff like that i suppose, I thought something was wrong. They have respect for things and each others. That must be why their streets are so clean. You dont see a single piece of paper or a cigarette on the ground in Kyoto. It's almost the same for Tokyo, where I saw a few cigs but it's still ridiculously clean.

They dont complain. I havent seen anyone complaining in a month. A Japanese will never complain, especially for bullshits. Europeans are always complaining, especially for bullshits. Japs are freakin efficient. Before I arrived I thought a good part of the population was shy but it's not true. The average dude in Japan can go sing some Elton John love songs with all his heart and soul in front of everyone at the karaoke and it's completely normal. I saw some 40 years old salary man buying some inflatable doll in a sex shop and he was not shameful at all. There also was a girl buying dildos, she was cute and didnt need these stuff imo but never mind lol. So they're warm people and all but they dont show it when it comes to serious/deep feelings tho. Kinda weird. Lovers don't kiss or hold hands in public. At least not everywhere. Friends don't touch each others when they meet, no handshake, no kisses, no hugs. It must be weird for them when us frenchies arrive and naturally kiss on the cheeks lol.

Japs are drunk in a sec. 2 beers and it's a Technical Knock Out. You can sometimes see salary men sleeping, yes SLEEPING, in the streets at 3am cause they are too drunk to go back home. Both men and women drink. They go hang out in bars and restaurants almost every nights, not just the week end but also during the week. Sometimes after work, salary men go to bars where cute girls are waiting for them to make them relax a bit. It's a bit weird, prostitution without the sex part if you ask me. About prostitution, there's no prostitute in Japan. At least not in the streets. There are gigolos tho lol. The have perfect haircuts and wear smokings with croco shoes. There was a lot of them near my hotel in Tokyo, easely 4 or 5 every street corners, always chating and trying to get the lonely girls passing by. Pretty funny.


The food is excellent (tasty and healthy). Sushi bars are awesome, you sit down and pick what you want. The sushis are in front of you. Then when you're done they count the number of plates you took and you go check out. There are 2 sushis on each plate and each plate costs 140 Yen (that's the most costy I went to). My favs were Salmon sushis and Tuna sushis. Sometimes we took the sushis and ate them in the hotel. A box of 16 sushis is 1000 Yen. In France, 16 sushis would be 4 or 5 times this price and I'm not sure it would be nearly as good.

I also discovered Gyozas, it's delicious too. It's lil fried stuff, you got 6 for 210 Yen. It's nothing. Tonkatsu and ChickenKatsu is excellent too. It's fried porc or fried chicken with a sauce and rice. You can get it for 500 or 600 Yen, depends. You can easily eat in any restaurant for 1000 Yen. 2000 Yen for fancy ones lol. It's safe to say that food is way cheaper than Europe. Even fastfoods are cheaper. A Mc Donald's menu was like 600 Yen, in France it's twice this price for the exact same menu.

To get a more precise idea of how cheap were the prices, do the maths:
1000 Yen = 6€ Euros = 8.50$ US Dollars
100 Yen = 0.60€ Euros = 0.85$ Cents

And yeah I call that cheap compared to French prices. I don't know how it is like where you live.


while in Kyoto:

Temples. The Gold Temple and other ones, Zen gardens too.. Kyoto is beautiful. It was super cool to go there by bicycle. I went to a few cities nearby like Osaka, Hiroshima and Nagoya. My hotel was located in a quiet place with small streets. A few subway stations from the hotel there was the Shijo district which is where you find all the modern stuff like amusement building (arcade games, pachinko, casino games, bowling, snooker..). I went to a maid bar where cute girls call you "master" and kneel down when you're ordering, it was pretty weird. The amusement park Nagashima Spaland was freakin great and the price was really reasonnable.

while in Tokyo:

My hotel was in Ikebukuro. I went to Akihabara, the Otaku district. Lots of electronics and Manga stuff there. Shibuya, Harajuku & Shinjuku, super crowded places excellent for shopping, restaurants and bars. I went to this bar where they put you in a cell and serve you weird lookin drinks. The Tokyo Game Show was cool too. I played Metal Gear 4 and Metal Gear Online, both on PS3, pretty awesome. The girls were super cute there, it's almost traumatizing.

No matter where you go in Japan, the streets are totally clean and totally safe. I guess this has something to do with their (strict?) education.

It's super bullshits that everybody says Japan is very expensive. My plane ticket was 860 euros. I live in France, Japan is on the other side of the globe, WHAT DID YOU EXPECT? There is something called fuel you gotta put on the planes so they can fly. The food is super cheap like I said before, 2, 3 and sometimes 4 times cheaper than France. My hotel in Kyoto did cost me 13 Euros a night and it was a very cool traditional one. The boss of the hotel invited us to the restaurant. The cheapest hotel in France is 20 Euros and it's nothing close to what you could call charming (that's my polite sentence for it sucks balls).

That's it guys, I really encourage everyone to go to Japan. It's an amazing country. I'd be back there as soon as I can. Probably next year.

Geez readers your eyes must hurt right now. A lil mp3 post will make you forget that. By the way, this track was ON REPEAT in my mp3 player when I was in Japan. It was also on the site's last playlist (a new one starts playin today!). For more awesome tunes, check out The Twelves at myasspace.

Asobi Seksu - Thursday (The Twelves Remix) DOWNLOAD


Anonymous said...

your photos are beautiful :)
now i wish i could go too :p

jeen said...

i wish i could go too !! nice consolation prize, i really like asobi seksu, your a lucky guy !! i love akutou :DDD

Valerie said...

I love you to death, and I'm going to Japan in the next few years, PERIOD.
Thursday's been playing on repeat on my MP3 player since I heard it on the site's playlist, the remix is awesome. :)

Anonymous said...

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