August 29, 2007


Alrights! I'm going to Japan tomorrow! I will stay there for a month. 2 weeks in Kyoto, then 2 weeks in Tokyo. What will I do there? Hmm.. let's see =D I'm gonna visit the Lost in Translation hotel, try all kind of food, get me some SHIATSU MASSAGE :drool: I will also go to the Tokyo Game Show as a VIP, I've heard it's super easy to trick them, you just gotta show whatever ID card and speak whatever language but not japanese and they let you pass lol

I'm gonna buy stuff too, a DS and a mp3 player for my bro cause it's cheaper there, maybe stuff for my computer, headphones, maybe some tees and clothes.. Anyone knows some good places to go? I have a JR Pass, it allows me to travel all over the country, subway, bus, train.. so I pretty much can go everywhere. I know I'm gonna go to an amusement park too. I'm gonna make tons of photos. It's the 1st time I will be that far of my home, this is exciting woohoo.

I fear a bit the fact that I won't be able to talk much with people. My english is good, but dunno about Japanese' english lol I guess the other solution will be primitive hands language. Seems fun lol. I will probably be online sometimes cause there's like cybercafes everywhere there. Oh and yeah, I'm gonna try the electronic toilets, the ones that wash your ass for you when you're done craping. Fantastico.

My super recent design ELECTIGRE is available as a shirt in the shop of my site. As well as the text tee for uninteresting persons who want to be at least cool. New music playlist on my site soon and I updated the akutouspace cause it was a bit too empty. Feel free to visit and compliment me lol

I have to sell like 600 tees to pay the whole trip. Go for it! :nod: I'm gonna be so broke when I'm back in France. Ahoy! hooray poorness :ahoy:


RA! said...

buy an electric toilet. the end.
oh and maybe a robot too.

Anonymous said...

When you get back an update with some pictures or a link would be awesome!

Anonymous said...

Salut Tom le bgu du Japon, c'est Flo le vendangeur. Fixe un RDV pour se capté sur MSN.
PS: Trankil tes T-Shirt BGUUUU je prend les 2 avec ma paie de vendangeur.

AKUTOU said...

salut flouille le japon c'est ultime prepare ta thune pour l'annee prochaine lol on se captera surement quand je serai a tokyo parce que y a un cybercafe juste a cote de l'hotel ouvert 24/24.

file ton adresse pour que je t'envoie une ptite carte.

ps: les ballades a velo a kyoto c'est tranquille (Y) lol

asco said...

Well. I'll help to pay all your awesome trip if you send me your tees to my little country. I'm from Mexico so I hope that all the shipping cost is not too much expensive.

Have a nice trip, I'm waiting for all your pics.


nfw said...

thats maad shit bro..

can i ask wat printing process u use? is it dtg?


AKUTOU said...

digital printing. all info are on my site.